Due to the current COVID-19 climate as well as the overwhelming amount of submissions the foundation has received in the last grant cycles, the Geisse Foundation is focusing on current grantees and temporarily placing a hold on inquiries from prospective organizations. 

Thank you for your understanding. 



The Foundation administers two grant cycles per year, January-April, and July-November.  

Schedule for 2020:

For organizations or programs within the education or justice sectors:

January 3: LOIs due

February 7: LOI notification/Grant Applications distributed

March 16: Grant Applications due

April 20: Grant Application decision notification (subject to change dependent on number of applications)

April 19: Funds distribution decision made

For organizations or programs within the WASH or agriculture sectors:

July 17:  LOIs due

August 21:  LOI notification/Grant Applications distributed

September 25: Grant Applications due

October 30: Grant Application decision notification (subject to change dependent on number of applications)

November 6: Funds distribution decision made

If your organization does not fit into the above categories, please apply during the first grant cycle (January).

If you are unsure of when to apply,